Our Males


Registered Name: CHAMPION

                              Heart Mountains Richie

DOB: 06/05/2015

13 inches - 18 lbs.

Richie is the most loving and willing to please dog we have ever owned. He knows no stranger and has zero acknowledgement for personal space. His structure is second to none and his coat  is absolutely gorgeous. His puppies are proven to present all of his best qualities as well, beautiful and full of love. 


Registered Name: LIA Lindsey's Hustler Bear

DOB: 03/02/2019

13 inches - 14 lbs.

You seriously can't get copper any darker than this!!! We are shook at how handsome this boy is. His first babies are on the ground and that big full collar is most definitely hereditary. All of these qualities are admirable but we love this sweet boy mostly because of his GIANT HEART! He throws very beautiful and boldly marked Toys! You want a hush baby!