Our Females



Registered Name: Nashville's Royal Rayna


12 inches - 13 lbs.

Rayna is the start of it all. She is the reason we decided to get in this business and raised the first litter at Lane Imperial Aussies. She has the biggest personality and definitely passes that on to her puppies. Coupled with good looks and a huge heart, Rayna possess the qualities we breeders live for. 


Registered Name: LIA Simba's Soulmate

DOB: 10/26/2018

13 inches - 20 lbs.

This beautifully marked girl is as sweet as they come. She loves anyone and everyone and can fall asleep just about anywhere. She has many Champions in the ASDR show ring in her lineage. Her babies have phenomenal structure and bold coloring as you can probably guess from the looks of her! 

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Registered Name: LIA Sporty Girl

DOB: 09/17/2018

14 inches - 20 lbs.

This girl is playful and full of life. The joy she posses is written all over her face and often takes over her entire body with the infamous Aussie wiggle-butt. She has the most interesting and intriguing merle coat pattern you will find. Her puppies are so sweet and comply with the phenotypical excellence! 


Registered Name: LIA Main Chic

DOB: 09/17/2018

15 inches - 25 lbs.

Show stopper... show stopper... show stopper! They don't get much more pretty. Her quirky and bold markings are no match to her structure and temperament, and her beauty is undeniable. This is the most loyal and kind dog you will find and her puppies posses these amazing qualities. She is very much known for throwing wiggle butts! 


Registered Name: LIA Look At My Eyes

DOB: 09/17/2018

15 inches - 23 lbs.

A full sister to Kendra and Holly, and can we not agree, those eyes are breath taking! Bridget is quite possibly the most unique of them all as she ties in OUTSTANDING conformation with jaw dropping color. She is not only stunning, but very sweet. She is the first to greet you and the last to leave. She is a proven blue eyed tri producer and has many Champions in her pedigree! 


Registered Name: Lindsey's Meredith Grey

DOB: 01/27/2017

11 inches - 12 lbs.

As her photo may lead you to believe she's a wild one, that is 100% not the case. Meredith is FULL of love and one of, if not the most, calm and laid back dog on the place. Give this girl some attention and a cool pool of water to play in and you have nothing more to worry about! Proven toy producer!  

IMG_5679 (2).jpg


Registered Name: LIA Queen of Rayna's Mountain

DOB: 04/19/2020

12 inches - 14 lbs.

We are so dang excited about this girl! Not only is she absolutely the most SWEET and loyal girl, but she is a Rayna and Richie baby! She is seriously the total package... She is conformationally sound, has a giant full collar, and has extremely pretty copper! The qualities that she possesses backed with her pedigree is exactly what you want in a VERY functional toy female! Proven Producer here! 


Registered Name: LIA Best Little Classic Style

DOB: 01/04/2016

13 inches - 15 lbs.

This is the newest addition to Lane Aussies and we absolutely love her! This girl is so incredibly sweet and loyal! She just had her first litter with us and we are very impressed! She has put some very pleasing color and physique on her kids! She is full panel clear and has a very nice coat and body!



Registered Name: LIA Lynix's Imperial Princess

DOB: 03/25/2021


We are absolutely beside ourselves with complete and total joy when it comes to this girl! She is out of our girl Nala and a male that Lindsey Porter owns - Focus! She is full panel clear and has the BIGGEST personality! We are going to get her color tested BUT she looks to be a very pretty dilute thus far!