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Married in August of 2018, we have a love for each other and a love for our savior, Jesus Christ. As this world is known for doing, we have been thrown numerous curve balls over the last couple years. We have been through many highs and many lows but we mainly have grown and matured into the truth and understanding of this life, loving God and loving people. A high that must be made mention of is the welcoming of our sweet baby girl, "Lyinx Jay Lane" in February of 2020! She is such a light in our lives and brings us so much joy on a daily basis! We both have a passion for serving and try to encourage each other to be a better husband, wife, mother, and father every single day. 


To us this business is more than just making a little money... we are more concerned with establishing and building healthy and happy relationships with our customers, and what better avenue than a fluffy and adorable PUPPY! We have puppies all over the United States which means we also have personal connections with the people that own them. We view this business as an opportunity to expound our knowledge in different cultures and lifestyles as we get the most unpredictable mix of social interaction every day!


Beyond this, we are strong believers in exercise and healthi"er" eating habits, as we both have those much needed splurge days.... more frequent than the average health guru! Cross-fit is near and dear to our hearts and has helped us sustain the mental and physical fitness that we both desire. 

As our full time jobs occupy our days (insurance agent and xyngular rep) the rest of our time is spent loving on all of our fur babies. Each and every dog we own is simply an extension of the family. Anyone that knows us can attest to the fact that we love all and love hard, ESPECIALLY when it comes to animals. 

If you are still reading, I want to simply say thank you. Thank you for your time and consideration of our business and the passion we have for breeding Aussies. 


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